Forgotten Realms: What is the Sundering? seminar 2 (GenCon 2012)


This is an audio recording of the DnD Seminar entitled Forgotten Realms: What is the Sundering? hosted at GenCon 2012

This seminar was also hosted on a different day and several different questions were asked and answered in that session - This is the second release, so it is a different audio file with different questions, but a very similar beginning.

Look for more great GenCon coverage on The Tome Show this week:

Monday will feature the Future Look of DnD Seminar. Tuesday we will post the second Creating the Core Seminar. On Wednesday we will post Jeff's End-of-Con interview!

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  • david schwarm

    Jeff & Crew, thank you so much for putting these up–for those of us unable to get to GenCon it is really awesome that you make this available.

    Also, I liked the direction that the Realms seem to be moving–having the authors talking before an event cannot help but be a good idea [War of the Spider Queen proves that] and allowing characters we already know to move us to the next iteration is an inspired idea…

    Sep 13, 2012 at 8:49 am