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More PDF Minis Reviews! (Tome 286)

In this episode, Jeff and Tracy sit down with Jeremiah McCoy to talk D&D 5e PDFs!!

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Dungeon Master’s Guild Grab Bag Review (Tome 267)

In this episode Jeff and Tracy are joined by Allison Rossi and Jon Green to discuss and review some new products available on the DM's Guild.

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Planescape PDF review featuring Monte Cook (Tome 236)

This long lost episode, Tome 236, sees the gang talking about Planescape - the 2nd edition D&D setting. Jeff and Tracy and joined by Sam Dillon and James Introcaso to discuss 3 different D&D adventures written for the Planescape setting. They also interview Monte Cook, one of the main designers of the setting.

Enjoy the show!

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Cutter Preview (PDF)

The good folks over at IDW hooked us up with a preview of the latest D&D comic, Cutter. This story follows the fate of the famous sword from the Drizzt tales and where it is now, as told by RA and Geno Salvatore. Issue #2 just came out today, take a look at issue #1 to see if it's got your interest and then head out to buy up the series while it's still in the opening chapters. Enjoy!

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Tome Build: Anguillian

On a recent Tome Episode Erik Scott De Bie and Matt Goetz talked about running aquatic part of that we also discussed re-making an old monster, the Anguillian. Little did I know that when I asked them for a few stat blocks to include in the show notes that they'd send along a document full of lore, tactics, and five new creatures fully stated out and ready to run completely with some completely awesome, totally publish-worthy artwork by Matt's wife, Roxxy.

I decided to spend a little time turning it into a nice looking PDF, manipulate the artwork a little bit. And give it all to you.

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did. Please let us know if you run them in your game.

And on a side note, if you need help figuring out how to run aquatic games, don't just check out Tome ep 177 where we discussed it, but also check out the At-Will site which has a series of articles about running aquatic games.

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