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This is where you will find information about regular cast members, reporters, reviewers, and hosts of the show.

Jeff Greiner (the Tome Host)

Jeff Greiner (Tome Host)

Your loyal and dedicated Tome Host is Jeff Greiner. Jeff is 31 years old and a father of one, young, energetic boy. He lives in Raleigh, NC. Jeff also went to Iowa State University for his degree in History and has his Master's degree in Instructional Technology from Peru State College.

Jeff has been playing D&D since he was 8, so that's 23 years of experience now. In his free time Jeff plays PBEM D&D, DMs a Forgotten Realms game every other weekend, works on this podcast, reads (novels, game books, and comics), organizes and edits a blog for D&D Players called Temporary Hit Points and listens to a metric ton of podcasts.

When it comes to D&D hosts, he's the pretty one.

Tracy Hurley (The Tome Co-Host)


Tracy is the brains behind the operation. She joined the show in 2011 but has been an active member of the D&D community for a few years before that. She started playing D&D in 2009 which is also when she started writing her popular gaming blog, Sarah Darkmagic.

When it comes to D&D hosts, she's the smart one.

Samuel Dillon (The Tome Editor)


Samuel Dillon is the oldest of the Tome's staff, having helped deliver dirt when it was first born (this also means he's been playing tabletop games for nearly 30 years, making him a higher level geek than the other two members of the staff combined). He is a member of the 4 Geeks 4e podcast as well as the DM Roundtable and is the driving force behind the RPG Musings blog, which is made out of pure awesome. He is also active at the RPG Geek site as LordDillon.

When it comes to D&D staff, he's the talented one.